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    Monday, February 6, 2017

    Love clothes? Make money from talking about it!

    Make Money Pushing the Bazz Fits Fashion Brand

    The Brand FromNothing 2 Something

    Become a Bazz Fits Affiliate and make money just being a brand ambassador.

    Bazz Fits the brand and the culture represents the people! The expression of the lifestyle we choose to wear. Our style is predicated to the voice of people and how they choose to express themselves. We understand if you look good you feel good, so why not feel good every damn day. The fashion brands speak the urban language and have the diversity to fit any demographics.

    Here are the perks of being a Bazz Fits Affiliate:

    Make 15% Commission starting out
    Make 15% commission starting off with every sale you make with the opportunity to have an increase
    Get paid twice a month 
    Why wait to get paid monthly when you can get paid twice a month, payments go out on the 1st and the 15th of each month.
    Become a Brand Ambassador and Recieve Free Custom Apparel!
    Make  50% commission on selected products gets paid to you twice a month for as long. Whenever we create a new design you’re the first to get it! With a custom nickname or logo on the apparel! When you sell enough products you will be selected to become a brand ambassador.

    Register Here

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