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    Monday, February 13, 2017

    New Music: RaJah Di MessenJah – Who’s In The House (DRAKE DISS) |

    New Music: RaJah Di MessenJah – Who’s In The House (DRAKE DISS)

    New Music: RaJah Di MessenJah – Who’s In The House (DRAKE DISS)

    Newcomer RaJah Di MessenJah aka the 16^GOD(Owner of MoreLYF INC DBA MoreLYF PROD.) Has recently posted on Instagram and twitter “#BUNNDRAKE”. The MessenJah Arrives with a Stinging Freestyle throwin Bullets at Drake. 16^God says that Drake has Copied his style and also used his Company name “MoreLife” as his New Music Playlist title. leaked late January which is said to be sponsored by Apple. Although RaJah’s company is no longer spelled as MoreLife, before it’s Official Inception it was known as “MoreLife Productions”. This saying comes from an Internationally known Jamaican saying that all Jamaicans say upon departure from one another, “More Life Mi Fren”, amongst many other ways to say it! However RaJah Di MessenJah feels as though this is a subliminal wave sent to him from the 6 God. Not only that but also wearing a Jersey in his video with Future, with the number “16” on the back. The years Hot New Artist to Watch says these could have been a reply to his first Drake Diss that is Now Viral online, a freestyle he made to “know yourself” in which he first announces himself as the 16^GOD, Around the same time Drake conceived his “6God” image as well. and although Drake has not made any Diss traccs directly at him, Could these really be signs that Drake is getting at the 16^GOD, or just Coincidence”? Either way, RaJah says it is a Perfect Opportunity to take his stand in the Music Industry. in his words, “I Arrive as a Boss, not a Proteje’. I Take my Stand as a God, not a Servant”. #MoreLYF!

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