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    Sunday, February 5, 2017

    #ProducerOfTheMonth – Meet ‘The Alien Producer’ Wonda #UK

    Every month, we’ll be speaking to the names behind the beat of some of the hottest UK tracks out now. After all, a song wouldn’t be what it is without the music producer.

    This months #ProducerOfTheMonth is Wonda AKA ‘The Alien Producer’ 

    I’m sure you’ve heard ‘Ay Wonda You’re An Alien’ at the start of some of your favourite tracks – yep, that’s him.

    wonda producer of the month

    Illustration credit: Saffron Cann.

    Behind the sound of tracks such as Cadet’s ‘Stereotype’, ‘Letter to Krept’ and ‘Slut’ amongst others and signed to Underrated Legends Records – his talent his evident and he isn’t stopping anytime soon.

    The 24-year-old is based in South London (although, he claims he’s not from this world) and produces for all genres, however he is currently best known for producing in the Grime industry. He began producing properly whilst at University around 6 years ago.

    What’s your favourite track produced by yourself?

    My favourite track I’ve produced was called “Just friends”. I think you can still check that beat on my Soundcloud. Its probably one of my favourite tracks I’ve produced, and it was the first beat I had to style around the artist, it wasn’t like I made the beat and gave it to the artist to work with, I had to listen to what the artist wanted and create something from that. So it was the first time I was really tested in that way – but yeah that was probably my favourite.

    Who are your favourite producers and who do you take inspiration from?

    Hmm, so, from the US, I would say Hit Boy, Boy Wonder and Arabmusic. In the UK, I really rate Dot Rotten, Zeph Ellis now, his beats are crazy, I think he’s so underrated with what he does.

    Do you think producers get enough credit?

     No, I don’t think producers get enough credit or as much credit as they deserve – I mean you can see it at award shows, there’s hardly ever a producer category and the producers that they do credit are normally the ones who are already known in the industry, so theres not much chance given to the upcoming producers to have the spotlight. I feel like when you come into the scene as a producer you have to already know thats just how it is, were not the ones in the spotlight, that’s how it’s always been.

    What are your thoughts on the UK scene at the moment in terms of production?

    In terms of production, I feel like we won the scene last year -the producers. I think the scene is the healthiest it’s ever been, there’s so many different styles out there now, and even the similar sounds – it’s all good competition, its sick, the best it’s been for a very long time. Big up the producers out there.

    Producer of the month WONDA

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