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    Thursday, February 16, 2017

    Suna ft Millions - 4TF @sunaayako

    Suna x Millions - 4TF Two young rap artist from New Orleans, LA, 

    Suna Ayako and Million$, with common goals, to change the rap industry. The song "For The Free" is based on the experiences both rappers faced growing up in the city. Once they noticed that their peers were so easily influenced by outside vibes they came up with the hook "the water is for the free but you gotta pay for the juice". This means that yes, everyone right now claims they have the "water", "sauce", and etc but if you really have the "juice", meaning what it takes to be great at something, then you have to pay for it. Paying for it, as in sacrifices, hard-work, and going out to get what you want.Tell us what you think! Comment below ⇃⇂

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