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    Saturday, February 4, 2017

    The most dangerous man in the White House: Steve Bannon #UK

    President Donald J. Trump appears to come under great scrutiny as he implements numerous measures he vowed to honour. Some argue his role is merely a ‘puppet player’ and the true ‘puppet master’ is Assistant to the President and Chief Strategist in the Donald Trump administration, Stephen Kevin “Steve” Bannon.

    In just 14 days Donald Trump has enforced immigration orders, anti-abortion legislation and repealed many measures put in place by former President Barack Obama.

    Multi-millionaire Bannon is supposedly the power behind the throne and is now regarded as the second most powerful person in the world as he pulls the puppet strings of President Trump.

    Bannon’s past is scattered with accusations of anti-semitism, racism, domestic violence and misogyny.

    Prior to the kickstart of his political career, Bannon served as executive chair of Breitbart News, a far-right news, opinion, and commentary website.

    Even senior Republicans were horrified Trump had drafted him on to the National Security Council – and ousted America’s most measured and respected intelligence and military officials.

    Even conservative commentators described him as one of the “most dangerous” figures in ­American politics. Days after the last of nine black Bible students shot to death by a Confederate flag-worshipping white supremacist was buried, Bannon published “Hoist it High and Proud”.

    Is Trump really the worst man in the White House?


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