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    Tuesday, April 4, 2017

    R-Mean “Hallelujah” feat. Joe Peshi


    Week 14 of R-Mean’s 52-week-long series is here, and the new addition to the “Mean Mondays” collection is “Hallelujah”. R-Mean blasts full steam ahead this week calling out Funk Master Flex, saying  "I killed Sway like 10 times, where you at Flex!"

    R-Mean enlists the support of Power 92.3 Morning Show Host Big Boys artist Joe Peshi. The combination of Peshi and Mean, set this Dat Blaze produced track on FIRE!



    The Armenian American Rapper Sets Aim At Funk Master Flex and Locks In Joe Peshi For The Feature

    # M E A N M O N D  A Y S Release #14 of 52 

    from CWMusic
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