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    Friday, May 12, 2017

    [New Video] @ItsVain #ImGone

    Weed, Loud, Gas, Pot, Grass, Ganga, Blunt, Reefer, Marijuana, Cannabis, 420, Chronic, Mary Jane, Gangster, Rope......

    It has many names and just as many highs! Can you relate?

    4/20 is National Smokeout Day!

    Some consider it the day to celebrate smoking weed while others consider it the day to stop smoking tobacco.

    VAIN commemorates this pot lovers day with his "I'm Gone," Video which takes a spin off on the Cult Classic Friday!

    VAIN takes you with him as he goes on a way out trip on some particularly potent Chronic! VAIN along with videographer/director Elroy Isaacs collaborate to give you some trippy visuals teamed right alongside some tricky cinematography, all WITHOUT the help of Green Screen, in Vain's newest video "I'm Gone." It's a real Trip!

    Check it out below!!

    Connect w/ VAIN
    Twitter & Instagram: @ItsVain
    Website: http://ift.tt/2r2G0Co

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