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    Friday, June 16, 2017

    R-Mean - Inshallah

     Challenging the meaning of the millions of pictures posted across various platforms daily, R-Mean and Joe Budden ask fans to push themselves and think critically on the Pharomazan-produced record. TheBoomBox
    "Dawg I'm having wet dreams about Rita Ora, when we roll up on him, can't hide and no he can't run, looking like a seizure patient how we got him bitin' his tounge" Says R-Mean
    June 13, 2017 - In this weeks Mean Mondays series R-Mean gets real gritty with his latest release for Inshallah produced by Pharomazan! R-Mean's diversity continues to prove worthy of credit with each weeks exclusive release. The Armenian American rapper plans to drop a new mixtape filled with the most popular records from the first half of his Mean Monday series early summer. 

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