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    Sunday, July 9, 2017


    Carol City, Florida artist Denzel Curry has released 13 EP via Loma Vista Recordings. A compilation of demos and standouts from over the past couple of years along with new material created over the course of 2 weeks. Coming in furiously at 5 tracks with production from long time collaborators Ronny J, FNZ as well as Vae Cortez and Eric Dingus and a feature from Lil Ugly Mane the EP is the most poignant work to-date from the XXL Freshman alum. Fans and outlets have noticed that songs / info has been systematically released in conjunction with 13, be it the exact numeral or numbers divisible by. 

    On the theme Curry says "The ideology behind 13 the number is actually the representation of B and B is the  letter beginning of the word Black(13LACK). 13 is seen as an unfortunate and unlucky number due to superstition that's plagued society for generations. I'm considered misfortune due to the fact that I'm not only a black person but I've always felt that my heart and soul was black due to certain circumstances in life that I have yet to get over and you don't have to be African American to feel that way. 13 is all around us, for example 13 is a difficult age for most because it's our path to adult hood. Jesus and 12 disciples make 13 according to big rube and lastly  the 13th floor was always seen as something to be afraid of world wide. 13 is the part of an unfortunate distorted life."

    Additionally and on the heels of an incredibly raucous Summer Stage set last Saturday you can check Denzel in New York again August 5th at the MoMA PS1. Keep an eye out for more details on that and also for  a limited 1000 red cassette run +
    of the EP only available on Denzel's web store (starting July 13) and Urban Outfitters later that month as well as Picture Disc 10"(available August 26th). Pre-order here: http://found.ee/DC_13Store-h


    PULL PRODUCT SHOTS FROM HERE:  http://ift.tt/2tYvspt

    Hate Government
    Equalizer ft. Ronny J
    Zeltron 6 Billion ft. Lil Ugly Mane

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