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    Tuesday, August 15, 2017

    Who is Asian Doll? #Detroit

    Asian Doll is another mysterious face in the rap scene. She’s out here, no doubt. We see her signature smile and unique aesthetic all over Twitter and Instagram. She interacts with many of the hottest names in the rising rap scene, but instead of exhibiting friendliness, it’s beef between these parties. There’s no shortage of interview clips featuring the rising rapper on YouTube. The thing is, if you go to look for information about her character, there’s close to none online. So the enigma that’s beginning to break out, most recently collaborating with PNB Rock and catching the eye of Kodak Black, remains mysterious in nature – similar to Playboi Carti. For this reason, understanding her and her beliefs becomes a little harder. What’s clear from her interviews is that she’s well-spoken, firm in her beliefs, and not willing to back down from any challenge.


    Asian Doll was born on June 26, 1997. Throughout her lifetime, she’s resided in Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia and Texas. She grew up in what she describes as “the hood,” and knew that she wanted to rap at a young age. When some friends went to record a song before school one day, Doll decided to give them a verse before going to school. She said that throughout the day, everyone began to rap her verse around the school, including instructors. While it was a great feeling, she decided that she didn’t like the attention because she’d rather be ducked off. In high school, her rap career began to pick up, so much that she’d get in trouble by her parents. Her father would get angry at her for preferring to go to a video shoot instead of attending school or getting a job. She eventually left high school, before graduation, to pursue music full time. In 2015, she dropped her first EP Rise of The Barbie Doll Gang before she really began to explode onto the music scene. In June of 2016, she released Drippin In Glo, one of her most popular projects so far. She kept the music flowing to her fans, dropping her next project, Project Princess Vol 1. In September of the same year. In March of 2017, she released her first project of the year Outtaspace. She followed the outline she created in 2016, gifting the world a second project during August of the same year – her debut album Kill Bill Vol. 1.

    Things You May Not Know About Asian Doll:

    • She’s not looking for a boyfriend. She believes guys to be a distraction.
    • She’s worked with PNB Rock.
    • She’s currently beefing with Bali Babi and Cuban Doll.
    • She would like to do an album with Nicki Minaj.
    • Two people that she’d love to work with are Lil Uzi and Travis Scott.
    • She’s not a fan of Snapchat.


    Follow Asian Doll On Social Media

    Twitter: @AsianDaDoll
    Instagram: @AsianDaDoll
    SoundCloud: Asiandollofficial
    Youtube: Asian Doll

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