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    Sunday, August 13, 2017

    Who is Bali Baby? #Detroit

    Bali Baby is a mysterious artist, as charismatic as she is dangerous. Her bubbly smile and sophisticated way of carrying herself juxtapose with the fierce nature of her songs’ content. She also carries big guns as if it’s just a walk in the park for her. She encapsulates the unpredictable and creative nature of the next generation, bringing back the essence of individuality popularized by Missy Elliot in the 1990’s. Don’t trip – this isn’t a comparison to Missy, by any means. Bali’s a creative artist in her own right whose multifaceted personality makes her an artist to watch as she continues to blow up.


    Bali Baby was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 15, 1997. She expressed her individuality from a young age, creating her own handbags, shirts, shoes, and more. Her love for music manifested in the form of freestyling, but she never did anything with it until 2016. In May, she stepped into the booth for the first time and recorded a song. Liking how she sounded, she began to record more. In a little over a year, she has released five projects. As her stardom continues to grow, we will see more of her outrageous personality as she takes on bigger and better opportunities.


    Bali Baby’s “Elastic” song and video are perfect representations of what makes her fresh to the public’s eyes. The song sounds exotic, employing a repeating riff that dominates the background. Bali takes the riff and effortlessly flows in and out of it, making it sound easy when she spits her bars promising bodily harm. The only problem with the track is that it could be a little longer. But then again, that’s the strength of Bali’s talents – she leaves listeners wanting more.

    Things You May Not Know About Bali Baby

    • She is a skilled painter.
    • She created a movement called Playgirls consisting of like-minded women making power moves.
    • She used to host a monthly news segment on YouTube called “Gangin With Gang” that followed her life behind the scenes.
    • She’s a Gemini.
    • She refers to DMV artist Rico Nasty as her twin.
    • She listened to a lot of Nicki Minaj growing up.


    Follow Bali On Social Media

    Twitter: @_BaliTree_
    Instagram: @BaliOnABeat
    Snapchat: Cali-Tree
    SoundCloud: BaliOnABeat
    Youtube: Bali Baby

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