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    Wednesday, September 13, 2017

    Lists: 4 Tay K Songs Better Than “The Race” #Detroit

    Tay K’s “The Race” took the internet by storm partially because of the controversy surrounding the 17-year-old rapper. He’d been on the run from the cops after being charged with Capital Murder for his role in a home invasion when he was 16 years old. “The Race” featured Tay rapping in front of his wanted poster. This kind of sheer audacity made everyone pay attention to just how good the song was. The other reason that the song took off like it did because Tay K can actually rap – really, really, good. Besides “The Race,” Tay K has a brief collection of tracks that are just as good, if not better, than his viral hit. We decided to look at these tracks not in the spotlight for this list.

    I <3 My Choppa

    “R-I-P Eazy E!” Tay K shouts into the microphone early in this song, citing the influence in which he crafts this record around. This is a groundbreaking and off-kilter homage to the fallen rapper that sounds very good. There’s a couple of questionable lines if you sit back and listen to the lyrics if you’re into that type of thing. Tay K does his thing in the lyrical department, bringing a better showing than what he displayed on “The Race.”

    Murder She Wrote

    Part of what makes Tay K so endearing is that he purposefully chooses beats that won’t empower his voice. Whereas other rappers try to go for power over musicality, Tay K lets the beats act as a second fiddle as he gets his bars off. On “Murda She Wrote,” Tay K bounces off the quiet production with a bang, producing perhaps his best song besides “The Race.” The possibility of this one going viral is also high.


    Another thing that Tay K likes to do is get eerie with it, building an introduction that may creep you out. The beginning here is rather lengthy – clocking at around 30 seconds when the track is only 2 minutes – and features a loop of the beat’s skeleton playing. But when he does come in, it’s slaughter.

    Gun Him Down

    Perhaps the eeriest pick of them all, “Gun Him Down” sounds nothing like you’d expect it to. It should be clear now that he knows how to pick his production. This increasingly spooky cut should have been longer than a minute and a half, but it’s still a great entry none-the-less.


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