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    Saturday, September 30, 2017

    Lists: 5 Reasons Why Hugh Hefner Is An Inspiration To Everyone #Detroit

    Hugh Hefner lived a mighty long life, and after 91 years it’s come to a peaceful end. He was one of the greatest men in the world who accomplished a lot in his time, even if he did create Playboy which some people hate on, to this day. Regardless of any scandals or controversies in his life, his legacy will live on forever and he will continue to inspire people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Here’s why.


    Photo by James Fortune/REX/Shutterstock (803112cx)
    Hugh Hefner and Playmates at the Playboy Club,

    He made polygamy cool.

    Okay, we’re joking when we say that. Halfway. Hefner did what many men dream of – he made polygamy (even if he wasn’t actually married to them) cool to America. Look how long he survived, even as he was noted to be dating upwards of seven women at a time. He did it all with that trademark suave personality and smile that became his go to characteristics.

    Hugh Hefner

    He came from nothing.

    The standard rap narrative is that the artist usually comes from nothing, but Hefner shares this trait. He was born in the Prohibition Era of the 1920s to two teachers. He grew up during the Great Depression. If that’s not the bottom, then what is? He managed to become a copywriter for Esquire before getting help from his parents and launching what would become the iconic Playboy brand.

    Hugh Hefner

    He sold his house…and still lived in it.

    Hefner decided in 2016 that he would like to sell the Playboy Mansion for $200 million dollars. His condition? He gets to live in it still and work in it. So basically, he’d be making $200 million dollars for just about nothing. He ended up selling it for $100 million with his condition accepted.

    Hugh Hefner

    He inspired tons of people.

    From King Magazine to us, 4Sho Magazine, we’ve been inspired by the artistic way that he represented the female body. Without his work, many of the publications who offer similar styles of art would not exist in the way that they do today. A large part of our success is due to him.


    Hugh Hefner

    Philanthropy was the name of his game.

    With all of the money that Hefner brought in, it’s only right that he donated some to different areas. To people that he donated to are small names that you may not have ever heard of: Barack Obama and Dick Gregory. In addition to contributing to their causes, he donated to schools, animal organizations, and even to stop the development of a vista for the Hollywood sign.

    Hefner will surely be missed with his untimely death. He lived a long, beautiful life and contributed to society in ways that will last forever. It’s up to us to continue his legacy by continuing to push the artistic envelope in new and exciting ways.

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