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    Monday, September 11, 2017

    Lists: 8 Reasons Why Lil B Is The Most Versatile Rapper In The Industry #Detroit

    Lil B The Based God is an enigma of sorts: he’s widely worshipped, yet misunderstood by the masses. People who listen to his music either do it out of genuine interest or as a way of mocking one of the Bay Area’s most notable artists. He’s made a career out of playing against people’s expectations and releasing his own brand of off-kilter rap music. It’s no coincidence that even though he hasn’t sold as many albums as many of his peers, he’s considered to be one of the most influential artists of all time. His versatility and creativity have made him a staying force in the constantly evolving rap industry, making him remain relevant while many others grow stagnant and wither away. These ten tracks showcase something new that Lil B brings to his music as he constantly reinvents the wheel and pushes it into a groundbreaking new direction.

    Reason 1: Ability To Embrace Meme Rap Culture

    Song: “Fuck Me”

    Perhaps one of Lil B’s crowning achievements in meme rap, “Fuck Me” is both hilarious and unorthodox. He plays around the production and uses it as a means to create something that sounds purposefully awful. The accompanying video shows B doing what he does best: acting a complete fool. As crazy as it sounds, it’s definitely worth a relisten. He brings an odd flow here that’s unlike a lot of his other releases.

    Reason 2: Flexing A Propensity For Hard Punchlines

    Song: “T Shirt and Buddens”

    Who ever would have thought that the world would receive a diss track from Lil B? Aimed at Joe Budden of all people? What makes it so powerful is that on this track B is throwing punch after punch, flexing his lyrical dexterity at Budden. Over a gut-punching boom-bap beat, B spits what may be his best set of bars to date.

    Reason 3: An assortment of fast paced flows

    Song: “I Own Swag”

    The many sides of B manifest themselves on one of his most versatile tracks. Here, the primary focus isn’t lyricism, but flow. He spits a fast paced verse, breathless, and hungry for more.

    Reason 4: Jamaican Influence

    Song: “Dutty Pop”

    Realizing that he can only cover his limited spectrum of subject matter only so many times without becoming stagnant, B does what he does best: innovate. He decided to draw upon Jamaican influences to create “Dutty Pop,” a track that uses Jamaican cadence to compliment B’s creative direction. He pays homage too, saying “Shouts out to motherfucking Jamaica!” as the track starts.

    Reason 5: Paying Homage to the Bay Area

    Song: “Stick”

    B brings the Bay Area influence to his track stick, using elements of the hyphy movement to craft a fast-pased party song to appease fan interest. The production style and flow that B exhibits on the track are startling departures from the type of choices he usually makes. But then again, he does like to switch things up often.

    Reason 6: Mainstream Crossover/Singing

    Song: “My House”

    Lil B shot for the stars on this one, enlisting the talents of Metro Boomin to lace him with one of the producer’s best creations to date. B sings on this one, and surprisingly, it sounds good. It didn’t have the crossover appeal that he may have hoped, but it still shows his willingness to take his music in exciting new directions.

    Reason 7: Choosing To Rap in Spanish Without Actually Being Fluent In It

    Song: “Gato Gato”

    In a startling departure from his English roots, Lil B decided to create a party song aimed at the Latino crowd. The entire song is spoken in Spanish, but it doesn’t amount to much more than “1,2,3, sexy movements.” While limited in scope, how many English rappers do you know taking a stab at conquering other markets?

    Reason 8: Offering Social And Political Commentary

    Song: “Unchain Me”

    When Lil B released his album titled I’m Gay, he received a lot of threats centered around it. Although he wasn’t actually gay, he chose the title because it reflected his creative aspirations. Truth be told, he probably liked the attention it would get. People who thought they knew his rap style predicted how the album would turn out, and they were proven wrong. The album served as a soapbox for B to offer social and political commentary on a level that people didn’t think possible from him. On “Unchain Me” in particular, B flexes his versatility again with his intelligent comments on the way that society is pushing the media agenda.


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