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    Monday, September 4, 2017

    Review: Talk That Shit 2 by BandGang Lonnie #Detroit

    Drake’s More Life was marketed as not an album, but a playlist. This was a smart ploy – it
    described how come there weren’t any linking factors between songs, making it easier to just
    release loose tracks a music. Nobody had came with a statement like that before. It’s impact on the game was expected to be minimal, making little ripples in a giant ocean. With the arrival of Bandgang Lonnie’s new project, Talk That Shit 2, the idea of the playlist has seen its first acknowledgement from other rappers. The project is an amalgamation of drill and hardcore rap that by lacking any cohesiveness has its similar tracks’ appeal strengthen.

    Lonnie knows his sound. It’s a problem that many artists often struggle with, evident in albums that stretch out in every direction looking for mainstream success. Lonnie sounds at home over his choices of pounding 808s, trap snares, and piano riffs. “It’s some murders I can’t talk about/So we ain’t finna talk about it,” he says in a tired voice on “Dope and Hoes.” As exhausted as he sounds from running the streets, he manages to portray that in addition to his effort to craft good music. His attempts go through nicely.

    Due to the similar nature of the beat selection, many songs can be played in rapid succession even if nothing connects them thematically. What Lonnie’s given us is a collection of trap flavored records that showcase his hazy stylings. Standout track “What’s The Problem” featuring BandGang Masoe sounds extra slow and menacing. Think about the type of music you’d here on a Michael Myers movie in 2017. Masoe comes through with a singing/rapping hybrid verse, building on the already established Lonnie aesthetic.

    By the end of the project, you’ll want to run it back to see what you’ve missed. Once you do that, you’ll find that you didn’t actually miss out on anything and that’s fine. Talk That Shit 2 is a collection of music created by a man who knows his sound. He gives fans what he knows and what they want. He largely succeeds, creating a worthy body of work that will be sure to attract newcomers as well.



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