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    Monday, September 18, 2017

    Who is Molly Brazy? #Detroit

    In today’s current hip hop media landscape, it’s common to see female rappers that fall into one of three categories. The first group consists of those rappers who focus on their sexuality as a means of artistic expression. The second group is made up of those who relate to their listeners by explaining similar life experiences. The last group recognizes the power in telling a story of violence, using it to instill bravado in fans and fear in the face of detractors. Molly Brazy, a young rapper out of Detroit who is rapidly gaining a buzz at the national level, is the product of the three groups participating in a menage a trois. She uses every element of storytelling to tell us of her important message: don’t fuck with her.


    At only 18 years old, she shows a knack for rapping that some who are twice her age still lack. She’s proven her talent at freestyling, something that some of the biggest artists in the game right now refuse to do. Her gruesome content belies her innocent, beautiful appearance; she is a modern day femme fatale. Guys, if you think you can out-rap her, don’t try. She’ll lead you to your doom.


    Molly was born on February 22, 1999, in Detroit, Michigan. She had a rough upbringing, later talking about how much she hated school. During her junior year, she was kicked out of school for fighting. She eventually began to upload videos of herself freestyling on Instagram. This would lead to her introduction to 4SHO Magazine, where with the help of Joseph McFashion, her buzz has begun to skyrocket.

    Things You May Not Have Known About Her:

    • Her favorite weapon is the Century DRACO AK PISTOL 7.62X39.
    • She has a gold chain with the letter “B” embossed on the charm, a crown rests atop its head.
    • She has 660,000 followers on Instagram.
    • She’s worked with Cuban Doll and Rocaine.
    • She has braces.
    • In an interview with DJ Smallz, she says that her rap name came from “the hood.”
    • She was almost shot by fellow labelmate 9000 Rondae on mistake while she slept in the studio.

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