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    Sunday, September 10, 2017

    Who Is Team Eastside Peezy? #Detroit

    Peezy is your classic street rapper with gusto: he comes from the struggle, he tells you his story, and he does it while making you want to go achieve what you set out to do. What separates him from the pack is his endearing, larger-than-life, personality that welcomes people into his world – one full of guns, women, and economic independence. At 28 years old, he’s in an interesting space – he’s seasoned enough to deliver a style of rap that doesn’t involve the new age mumbling, but he’s also too young to truly be considered an OG. He brings this style to his raps with his gut-punching bars and clever metaphors and similes to really make you sit back and say….damn. Go check out his latest project People’s Champ and get exposed to his music if you’re one of the unlucky few he hasn’t listened to him yet.


    Peezy was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 5, 1988. His childhood was divided because his mother was from the east side of Detroit and his father was from the west side. They also weren’t together, so this became a factor in his life as well. His grandmother owned six of the houses in one street so many of his family members lived around him growing up. He got kicked out of his firsts middle school and was forced to attend Cadillac Middle School on the east side of Detroit. At some point in time, the second floor of his mother’s house caught on fire making it impossible for him to continue staying with his mother – there simply wasn’t enough room. He’d move in with his father on the west side of Detroit. It’s here that he attended high school, starting out at Cooley High School where he got kicked out four months into his freshman year. He would continue on at Mackenzie High School for awhile before dropping out. He had it hard where he lived because there wasn’t any heat. Every morning, before school, he’d travel to the gas station up the street to get Kerosene. He’d end up smelling like the fumes in class and it bothered him enough to stop attending class altogether. Rap became his go-to vice. He became a part of Team East Side, a rap collective that began to gain a following in 2011. His discography is quite large: boasting a number of albums, including Mud In Mud Out, Vol. 1, Number 1 Ghetto Boy, Mud, Sweat & Tears, Mud Muzic 2 Reloaded, Money Orientation, and much more. His latest album, People’s Champ was released on August 14.

    Things You May Not Know About Team Eastside Peezy

    • In the last 13 years, he said that he’s spent almost a million dollars on lean.
    • He played football as a child at one point but quit because he didn’t like being fussed at by coaches.
    • He was shot outside of the 007 Gentleman’s Club in Detroit, Michigan.
    • He wants to get proposed to by his future wife.
    • According to him, the scariest thing in the world is a woman with bad breath.
    • He watches the popular STARZ series Power.
    • He was a fan of Bankroll Fresh.
    • He also watches the Netflix original series Ozarks.

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