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    Wednesday, October 4, 2017

    How The United Brand is uplifting millions during tough times

    Tough Times Bring Tough People Together

    In recent times we have seen an increase in shallow love whether emotionally, psychologically and to some extent physically. We have seen the many disasters happening around us and the world and how many have used political gains to manipulate the most vulnerable in society. We have decided to fight for peace, oneness, and love through meaningful impressions of art, music, and style. The United Brand was developed around using people’s expression and love for fashion to get connected to each other. The clothing company has incorporated the support of musicians, artists, athletes and so many other cultural bodies’ right across the globe.

    About The United

    The energy the clothing company brought to the table was a sense of comfort in fashion and knowing there was a group created to show their bonding with each other for a change. They created the feeling of support through their team, “United in Paradise”. In every sense of the word, what other solid words could we ask for than to know standing together as one will definitely make for a stronger team to fight against whatever imaginary or physical forces which present themselves? They have incorporated their vision in creating a clothing line which not only makes for fashion sake but for a worthy cause. It is about showing solidarity for those immensely hard times we face personally or as a group.

    The Brand Inspiration

    The brand itself, United, was designed to be not just a physical emblem but a movement. The feeling of erasing racism from the way we deal with our fellow man to accepting people how they see themselves. The brand looks pass race, class, language or culture and focuses mainly on seeing each individual as a part of a whole.

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