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    Wednesday, October 4, 2017

    Lists: 4 Reasons Why Icewear Vezzo Will Be Detroit’s Savior When He Gets Home #Detroit

    When you hear the name Icewear Vezzo, chances are it rings a bell but you can’t quite figure out exactly where you heard it from. Out of sheer curiosity, you plug it into Google and see a couple of songs pop up and dismiss the name as just another rapper. Instead of clicking away, check out the first song that comes up, “Angel Wings,” if not for anything else, for the Gucci verse at the tail end of the track. You’ve just been exposed to Icewear Vezzo, one of Detroit’s hottest artists and rising faces in the city’s lucrative music scene.

    It may seem like Vezzo’s come out of nowhere to claim the surprise spot amongst Detroit’s top rappers, but he’s been putting in work for years. He’s beginning to see the fruits of his labor, working with bigger artists and producers to break into the mainstream. There’s one problem – he’s currently locked up. Once he’s done sitting, he’ll come back strong and we can’t wait to see what he does. Here’s why he will remain the man while he’s locked and someone won’t take his place.

    A Unique Sound

    Most of Detroit’s rap scene specializes in dealing out a generous helping of punchlines to satiate traditional hip hop fans’ ears. Vezzo brings versatility, specializing in that as well as harmonizing to maximize his full creative palette. It works – and makes him a polarizing figure; if you like the new generation atmospheric Soundcloud type of sound, it’s immediately identifiable, but, if you have a traditional rap fixation you may think he’s the worst person alive. Either way, the conversation still goes on. That’s what artists need to keep going.

    Beat Selection

    With all of this talk about cities cultivating sounds, a lot of rappers go for a sound that they believe their city created to win local fans. Vezzo’s did his work in Detroit’s beat trenches, but he’s expanded into a lot of other sounds, mainly the Atlanta style of trap that has been all of the rage for the past couple of years. He’s worked with TM88 and Zaytoven recently which has contributed to the growth of his addicting sound. He’s shown that he’s not scared to expand. That’ll lead to him winning, easily.

    Finally Breaking Out

    Vezzo’s not just some local face – everywhere from Mass Appeal to HotNewHipHop has taken notice of him and his brand. He’s worked with some of the hottest artists in the game and he’s just getting started. Sitting down for 20 months won’t stop his brand from growing. If anything, it’ll make it intensify. Look at what happened with both Lil Boosie and Max B’s fanbases while they were (are, in Max B’s case) in jail.

    His Restaurant, Chicken Talk

    Vezzo had a chicken restaurant before it was cool (We’re looking at you, Rick Ross). It’s called Chicken Talk and is located in Detroit. It’s a great way to connect with people and express his love for chicken, as he made clear in his interview with Mass Appeal. With local fans eating food from his restaurants, how can he not win? Imagine if it gets picked up at a national level.

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