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    Monday, October 9, 2017

    Review: Kash Doll’s Cypher Verse at the BET Hip Hop Awards #Detroit


    Being invited to the Hip Hop Awards to participate in a cypher full of capable female rappers is an honor that Kash Doll received, and rightfully upheld, in her brief appearance. She was able to smash the competition by doing what she does best; battering the microphone until it’s rendered useless. Props to whoever had to come after her after she slaughtered the competition the way that she did.

    It all started with her choice of outfit. Whereas most emcees go to ciphers in some sort of hardcore ensemble (usually consisting of shirts, pants, and tennis shoes), Kash Doll showed up and kept it all the way sexy. She wore exactly what she’s accustomed to – tight dresses, high heels, and finely done makeup. She looked amazing, more so an attendant at the Met Gala than one of the best rappers at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Her mink jacket was what cemented her as the person to beat.

    When she opened her mouth, it’s safe to say that if you didn’t know who she was prior to that, you do now. She came in hard, fast, and brutal. “I’m a very rich chick, on my NeNe Leaks/I’m a boss, every move gotta come through me” she raps with gusto as she walks around fearlessly. She just goes and goes to the point that when the verse is over, you can’t help but smile.

    From punchlines to sheer wit, her verse was something that Hip Hop sorely needed – bars; a generous helping at that. She put on for Detroit in ways that will bring an even larger spotlight onto the city’s lucrative rap scene. Props to Kash Doll for doing what she does best. It’s great that the world is finally seeing what we knew all along.

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