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    Tuesday, October 24, 2017

    Review: “Made It Now” by Cuban Doll #Detroit

    Listening to Cuban Doll’s “Made It Now” created one of the most interesting reviewing experiences I’ve had in my life. Over the course of repeated listens, I’ve changed my opinion about the song three times now – make that four. It’s an intriguing listen that isn’t immediately digestible, but through examination of what it entails, and the characterization of Cuban Doll, it turns into a solid listen that hints at growth for the future.

    You know Cuban Doll – we all do. She’s the rapper/model with that femme fatale smile and street gravitas to match,. She’s also a rapper’s rapper, whatever that means. We coined the term out of sheer emotion. She can rap her ass of without any stylistic gimmicks or claims to fame. People like to knock female rappers for being only good as other female rappers but that’s not true in the slightest. Cuban Doll, in particular, can go bar for bar with some of Detroit’s best. With the proper time and training, she’ll improve and could perhaps compete for Nicki Minaj’s spot. But right now, she’s working hard and enjoying her newfound success, evident in “Made It Now.”

    The track itself, after repeated listens, sounds to be very polarizing. On one hand, it’s a fast-paced entry of Narcissistic notation that borders on annoying, while on the other, it’s a song that oozes rightfully-earned self-confidence amidst a frantic backdrop of hectic production. On the first couple of listens, the former opinion was one that I held. After having time to sit with the track, I believe I now fall in the secondary category.

    For starters, the subject matter isn’t anything new to rap music – it’s about her self-confidence in the rap game now that she’s “made it” – but here it comes across as initially arrogant. She says everything matter-of-factly and to the untrained ear it can be annoying. But when taking into account how old she is, the success she’s seen, and the work that she’s put in, the raps sound better and are more digestible. It also makes the character that she portrays on the song, one that’s started trends that these rappers are following, easier to understand and root for.

    Production on the track is also on the lackluster side, being pretty bare bones but serviceable. Cuban Doll brings some of her best bars to date on this track. But as usual with her, it’s not so much what she says, but how she says it. Her killer delivery sells the raps at a level that may not have worked if someone with lesser talent attempted the same thing.

    In the end…it works. It takes some time to get acclimated to Doll’s character and stylistic choices but once that’s finished the track takes on a new light. While it’s not the best track to come out this year, it’s still a solid listen that deserves a chance to be heard. See what Cuban Doll has to say about the new things in her life and the trends she started.

    Check out “Made It Now” below.




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