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    Tuesday, October 24, 2017

    Review: Rocky Badd shows her sensual side with “With You” #Detroit

    Rocky Badd’s talents go beyond rap style: she’s a lyricist and she can also switch things up whenever she feels that she wants to try something different. With bars being the focus of her recent releases, it was time to show us that she has more to her character. To do this, she gifted the world the visual for “With You,” the ten track from her new project Rocko

    When the track starts off, it’s immediately apparent that we’re in for a more sensual side of Rocky Badd. The slow, brooding beat draws comparisons to 90s R & B beats that use the slower approach to pack emotion into every thud of the drum. Over the crisp production, Rocky B sings longingly to a lover about his effect on her. “All I wanna do is be here with you/and lay under you,” she sings on the chorus. It’s a sure fire baby-making song that will introduce Rocky’s fanbase to a new subset of her talents.

    The video reinforces the baby-making notion, with Rocky stripping down to lingerie and relaxing in the presence of her significant other. She’s either in the bathroom preparing for a night to remember or in bed wrapped in her lovers arms, but one thing’s certain: this isn’t a video that you should watch at work – technically if nothing really happens. The man in the video definitely had a blast filming it as far as we can tell.

    When the video ends with Rocky’s lips pressed against the man’s skin, you’re disappointed because you want more. The song really sells the idea that this interaction between lovers is authentic and private: the video’s depiction of this seems all the more real. As it moves towards the next step in the couple’s night, it abruptly shuts off, leaving us with our thoughts. Up until that point, we loved everything about it. The rapid cut off left a slight pang of disappointment only because we became so caught up in the storyline. I guess we’ll never know how things wrapped up in that scene.

    All in all, it’s a sensual song that’s elevated by an intense visual depicting a woman’s raw sexual energy. Rocky moves with swagger and purpose and portrays her feminine wiles in a delicate manner that exceeds expectations and shows her versatility as an artist. The visual comes at a good time and will surely make people on the fence about downloading her project and go do it now, especially this viewer here.


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