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    Friday, October 6, 2017

    Review: Win by Tee Grizzley #Detroit

    Tee Grizzley’s moment has been going on strong for months now, and it looks as if there’s no sign of it slowing down. He released My Moment back in April to critical acclaim, following shortly after with the heavy-hitting “Teetroit” single for the Detroit movie that premiered this summer. He released “Beef” recently with Meek Mill, bringing the conversation about his sound to a boiling point. He’s been bearing his all lately on wax and he doesn’t need to. But as time has shown again and again, rappers who really love the craft continue to release music even when time doesn’t call for it.

    Here is where Grizzley’s new release, “Win,” falls into place. He didn’t need to release it, but it’s as if he sensed a well-needed switch up in his musical repertoire. It’s here that Grizzley switches the formula again, but at the same time, keeps it similar enough to define his aesthetic. This piano-infused, bass-heavy lyric trip features Grizzley offering his signature style of inspiration, dedication, and reaffirmation of power to listeners. It’s a heart-warming track that seems a little off kilter from what you’d expect from a Tee Grizzley record.

    Much of what makes the track work comes from legendary producer Helluva’s beat contribution. There’s a beautiful piano playing in the background, juxtaposed with the quickfire beat that makes for a startling, yet smooth combination. Over it, Grizzley just goes in repeatedly, not stopping. It’s sure to become a fan favorite, even more so than “First Day Out” which while similar, lacks the heart and drive shown on “Win.”

    The test of time will show whether “Win” becomes Grizzley’s biggest record to date. The nicely put together beat and rap cadence delivered by Grizzley will be sure to win new fans and convince prior ones of his capabilities.


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