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    Tuesday, October 24, 2017

    Spotlight: “All I Do” by Lil Pete and Philthy Rich is a Bay Area classic in the making #Detroit

    The Bay Area’s hyphy sound has been around for years and has become one of the area’s defining stylings associated with its culture. Traces of it can be found in many of the location’s biggest artists including E40 and Lil B. These artists are able to build off of the unique sound and put their own twist on it, in the process creating an entirely new product all together. That’s where newcomer Lil Pete comes in, releasing his video for “All I Do” featuring a guest verse from Hip Hop commando Philthy Rich.

    One thing’s apparent after only listening to the beginning of the track: this is one of the most soulful cuts to come out this year. The smooth, mellow nature of the production sounds almost depressing if not for the fact that Pete comes in harmonizing on the chorus. When his verse starts, he spits just enough to whet the appetite. It works for the cut which is clearly meant to be something that’s listened to casually on a chill day. Philthy Rich comes in after Pete with his own heavy-hitting verse, letting us know that he runs it around here.

    The visual itself is rather simplistic, depicting the two artists living in the Bay Area doing a variety of activities. Various shots of the city and buildings paint a vivid picture of the locale as a place that is a destination to visit, if one hasn’t already been there.

    It’s on our Spotlight because it’s one of the hottest, most unique tracks, that we’ve heard out of the Bay Area in a while. Here’s to hoping that artists continue this same amount of creativity in their future releases.

    Check out “All I do” below.



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