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    Monday, October 9, 2017

    Spotlight: Sada Baby’s Video For “Big Skuba” Is Mayhem Confined #Detroit


    To say that Sada Baby has unlimited vistas of stored energy is an understatement – this guy could run laps around the Energizer Bunny in a triathlon. His outrageous amount of energy, combined with his clever approach to crafting songs with witty wordplay, has made him one of Detroit’s most notable musicians. When he drops a song, the city listens. The world is also starting to pay attention to the Detroit-native. With the release of a visual for “Big Skuba,” the world may start to pay a lot more attention to the up and coming rapper.

    The visual is for lack of better words, loopy. Sada starts the video off with a newborn baby cradled in his hands as he spews vivacious raps with so much energy that the swift movement of his shoulders could probably start a fire. From there, it gets even crazier. At one point, a surfboard ends up in Sada’s grasp; how it got there, no one knows. Later on, he emulates Love and Basketball‘s infamous one-on-one ending. Through it all, he dances like Johnny Depp does in the Pirates of the Carribean series. It’s all very strange, but it’s restrained, beautiful if one must say.

    The song itself is nothing short of a banger. The energy that Sada lets out can also be found in the track’s delivery. The production, handled by legendary Motor City producer Helluva is as frantic as Sada’s energy. It’s here that both producer and artist meet in perfect harmony.

    By the time the video is over, you’ll want to listen to it again. Just be prepared for the oddities that you’ve seen once and can’t unsee. If all else fails, just play the video through your speakers and leave the monitor off.

    Check out the video above.

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