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    Saturday, October 7, 2017

    Spotlight: “Sis” by Miliyah Jewel ft. Allstar JR #Detroit

    Have you ever heard of Miliyah Jewel? Chances are, you haven’t. She’s a newcomer into the rap scene, straight from Detroit. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in sheer lyrical capability. There’s no way else to put this – she’s a serious spitter, perhaps better than your favorite rapper. She’s young too, so just thinking about how much better she’ll be in another year is absolutely scary. Last month she dropped “Sis” featuring AllStar JR. It’s been going strong in our playlists for almost a month now and we’ve finally figured out what makes it so great.

    To start, the production is something out of this world. The heavy piano riff that plays in the background plays off of the pounding bass that goes on throughout the track. It offers a sinister vibe that makes the track come off as something out of a horror movie, yet delicate enough to be played in a casual manner. The beat continues to build throughout the track, with patterns dropped and others picked up for its duration. It’s beautiful stuff that elicits replay after replay. Makes for a hell of a car banger, as well.

    On the lyrical side, Jewel brings the heat. She berates endleslly into another woman, practically destroying her personality at the most basic level. “If you your own bitch then why the fuck you want to be me?” she raps at one point, making it clear that she’s out for blood. She later gives the woman some advice about getting her own hustle that sounds like an OG giving game to a younger person. It’s some serious stuff that you’ll catch onto as you run the track back. Elsewhere, AllStar JR offers a scene-stealing verse as Jewel raps up her own. He brings the laughs, talking about everything from “shaving pussy” to having sex in the basement. The serious delivery he brings makes it even funnier to listen to.

    It’s been a month and this is still heavy in our rotation. Check out the video above before going and adding it to your playlist. You won’t be dissapointed.

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