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    Sunday, October 15, 2017

    Team Eastside Peezy is back with new project Winter Grind #Detroit

    As 2017 begins to close up, the final tallies will soon be counted to up to answer one question: who won this year? Out of all of the artists currently releasing music through their channels, who’s been working the hardest and has seen the results? From this standpoint, it looks like Team Eastside Peezy is certainly a winner. He looks to make that statement a fact with the release of his new project Winter Grind. The heavily anticipated project is finally out, serving as a soundtrack for the impending cold weather.

    Winter Grind comes in pretty slim at only 8 tracks, showing that Peezy knows how to tease fans and fill them slightly versus stuffing a bloated mixtape down their throats. There’s only one feature as well from BabyRay, meaning that those who came to hear Peezy by himself won’t be disappointed – he’s front and center, rapping his ass off. Winter Grind has all of the tellings of being a top-notch project and we can’t wait to delve into it.

    Peezy’s had one hell of a year. This will be his fourth release of the year, showing that he’s perhaps one of the hardest working artists in the industry. He released Ballin Ain’t A Crime in March followed by Da Realist EP and then The People’s Champ. After this one, he should be in a position to just ride out the rest of the year. There’s early buzz saying that Winter’s Grind is the best of the batch.

    Winter’s Grind is already a hit with fans, evident in the reception that it’s getting on Twitter.


    Head on over to iTunes or Spotify to nab Winter Grind. Our review for the mixtape will be coming up soon. Stream the mixtape directly from Spotify below the break.

    Winter Grind Tracklist:

    1. “Winter Time Grind” Feat. Babyface Ray
    2. “1 Time”
    3. “64 Bars”
    4. “Run Through the Bag”
    5. “My Nig”
    6. “Studio”
    7. “Paid in Full”
    8. “1 Time, Pt. 2”



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