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    Thursday, October 5, 2017

    Throwback Thursday: 15 Detroit Classics #Detroit

    A lot of beautiful music has come out of Detroit in the last two decades. Artists like Eminem, DoughBoyz CashOut, StreetLords, and much more have created a sound that the world has run with, on multiple occasions. Here, is where the essence of musical creativity and freedom resides. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up some classics, from the new school and the old, that have come from the city so that you can be a judge for yourself.


    Stretch Money – Takes Money To Make Money


    Blade IceWood – Ride On Me


    Rock Bottom – No


    Trick Trick featuring Eminem – Welcome 2 Detroit


    Eastside Chedda Boys – Oh Boy


    K-Deezy – In My Hood


    Blade IceWood – Boy Would You


    Selfish by Slum Village featuring Kanye West and John Legend


    Eastside Chedda Boyz – Chedda Boy Baby


    DoughBoyz CashOut – Grind 2 Shine


    Tone Tone – I Ain’t Playing wit cha


    StreetLord Juan – So far gone


    Team Eastside – Needy Bitch


    Dusty McFly – I’m Out Here


    IceWear Vezzo Feat. Team Eastside Peezy – Dancin

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