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    Friday, November 24, 2017

    New Music: Sysuev​ -​ New ​EP​ MmrZ | @SergeySysuev

    New Music: Sysuev​ -​ New ​EP​ MmrZ

    New Music: Sysuev​ -​ New ​EP​ MmrZ

    Ukraine’s​ R&B artist​ Sysuev ​releases his new ​project​ titled, ‘MmrZ’. The new 5-track set includes brand new dance hits from the up-and-coming act making a trend for himself stateside. Sysuev decided to compose his new songs in English in order to begin his international career. Containing R&B, Pop, and Today’s Dance elements throughout the entire project. ‘MmrZ’ is really international, because it was supported by a lot of Music Producers from a different countries: Scott Taube (USA, Nashville), Pablo Henrique (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro), Grzly (USA, Los Angeles), Sasha Shen (Ukraine, Kiev), Sinegull Prod (Ukraine, Kiev). Looking for a new sound to groove to and get you through the Fall, you’ve found it right here with Sysuev.

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