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    Friday, November 24, 2017

    Review: Asian Doll’s “GUMMO” remix does the grandiose beat justice #Detroit

    6ix9ine’s “GUMMO” is at once bombastic yet ludicrous; the outrageously angry production in no way compliments the odd choice of rap style. It’s an energetic song that’s become a viral sensation thanks to the silly visual that attempts to mock gang culture and 6ix9ine’s cartoonish appearance. It’s not necessarily a bad song, it just needs some tweaks to become as good as it potentially can. One of those tweaks? Replacing 6ix9ine with an artist who’ll actually rap with some pizazz, some swagger. Many artists have tried to replicate the success of the artist’s single to no avail. Asian Doll recently decided to take a swing at it and the results are spectacular.

    For starters, Asian Doll’s voice and rap style actually compliment the production. She sounds at home over the crass instrumental, matching its monstrous nature with her own loud cadence. It seems these days that artists are either lyrical or energetic, never both at the same time. Asian Doll manages to exude both qualities and exceeds any expectations that you think you have upon listening. From the delivery to the lyricism, even the ad-libs she adds on the backend, it all works stupendously. If you didn’t hear 6ix9ine’s version first, you’d swear that he remixed her song.

    If there’s one criticism to levy against her rendition is that at 2 minutes and 28 seconds, it’s a tad short. Because the beat is so loud and fast, it passes by quickly. But for the time that it runs, it’s magnificent and a definite addition to any playlist. Think about Lil Wayne’s “Upgrade U Freestyle” from Da Drought 3. Yeah, we’re talking about that good.

    Favorite lines:

    “Hit the running man, that thot can’t stand a chance’

    “I can’t fuck with old niggas, I got trust issues”

    Take two minutes of your time to check out Asian Doll’s “GUMMO” below.

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