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    Tuesday, November 7, 2017

    Review: “Cold Summer” by Jeezy ft. Tee Grizzley #Detroit

    Street rappers make the best music, DJ Drama said it best. The language he used may have been more colorful, but in the end, the fact remains true that rappers who come from the struggle often times make the best music available. This effect doubles when two of those artists come together for the same track. Jeezy’s “Cold Summer” featuring Tee Grizzley is an indicator of that: two wordsmiths from two very different areas use an angry beat to describe a similar street experience that transcends their locations.

    Jeezy’s continued relevance is something that many artists of his age bracket often struggle with. He manages to stay on the tip of peoples’ tongues because he’s able to compete at the lyrical level of the younger generation without coming off as corny or out of place. His street panache makes him a logical pairing for Tee Grizzley who’s youthful appearance and strong rap style are somewhat resemblant of a younger Jeezy’s own career beginnings.

    The beat that they choose seems dipped in Detroit’s harsh style of bass-heavy production but laced with Atlanta’s melodic trappings, ever so lightly. Over the combined production, Jeezy and Grizzley spit some serious bars. Grizzley brings it back to Detroit with “I’m from Detroit, baby that’s a wild city/Hop on to that block party give the crowd 50” painting a harsh picture of the city’s street life. Over the course of just over three minutes, both street rappers paint vivid pictures of their lives now and the lives that they lived that made them the powerhouse lyricists they are today.

    All in all, it’s a solid track that’s sure to be a single from Jeezy’s upcoming album. Check it out below:


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