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    Sunday, November 19, 2017

    Review: Tee Grizzley’s “Grizzley Gang” is a resounding statement of superiority #Detroit

    “Hov told me quit puttin’ that money to my ear/ I gotta get used to this shit, I’m just now gettin’ here” opens up Tee Grizzley’s long and intense verse on “Grizzley Gang.” It shows his youthful view of the game; yes he likes money phones but he is just now getting here. We can’t judge him for these actions, but we can judge him for his rhymes. And that’s what makes Grizzley Gang a resounding triumph – it’s an exercise in expressing supremacy in a game full of fakes. It’s my favorite of Grizzley’s growing catalog of bangers because of the raw veracity of its lyrics.

    The Bay Area of California is the antithesis of Detroit. Both areas provide drastically different sounds; Detroit’s dragging, pounding beats contrast with the light-hearted, swift nature of the Bay Area’s notable sound. Helluva, one of Detroit’s most notable producers, has managed to bridge the connection between both cultures with a sound that’s both derivative of their individual styles yet wholly original at the same time. This new sound provides the backdrop for Grizzley to smash through any semblance of  rapping restraint, roaring mightily.

    The one, extended verse that we get is nearly legendary. Grizzley’s the king of no chorus verses and he makes it clear here that there’s no one around that can top him. By the end of the relatively short release, we’re eager for more.

    Grizzley once again lets us know that he’s superior in every way to the scores of artists who attempt a similar style that he exhibits. It’ll surely hold the world over until the release Tee Grizzley and Lil Durk’s collaborative mixtape that comes out on December 8.

    Check out “Grizzley Gang” below:


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