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    Tuesday, November 21, 2017

    Sada Baby’s new project D.O.N. is finally here #Detroit

    To know Sada Baby and his music is to love him. His knack for producing catchy singles, exhibiting outrageous amounts of charisma and containing enough creativity in one cuticle that outshines many of the genre’s elite has made him one of the brightest rising stars out of Detroit. His association with breakout star Tee Grizzley has helped to further his burgeoning superstar status. This may be the tape that brings him to mainstream success.

    The project, D.O.N (Dat One Nigga) is seventeen tracks long and is divided into two separate projects; a double disc, if you will. “The first ten songs are #SkubaSteve the last seven are #SkubaRuffin the ppl who really know and love my music understand what just was explained,” he elaborated in a post on Instagram. Out of the 17 songs on the project, there are only two additional artists (Ashley Sorrell and Motown Ty) featured.

    Upon first listen, it sounds as if this will be a fan favorite. It showcases the wildly eclectic style of Sada and we can’t get enough of it.

    Check out the tracklist and stream D.O.N.  below:

    1. “Eastside Jump Shot”
    2. “21 Skuba”
    3. “Timeline Tough Guys”
    4. “Guatemalan”
    5. “Death Row”
    6. “First Sunday”
    7. “Smokin Aces” Feat. Ashley Sorrell
    8. “In Jig’s Voice”
    9. “Big Squad”
    10. “Detroit Red”
    11. “Shabooya” Feat. Motown Ty
    12. “Skuba Sauce”
    13. “Heart Auction”
    14. “Sorrell Inc.” Feat. Ashley Sorrell
    15. “Ghetto Champagne”
    16. “Permanent Gang Kings”
    17. “Percosex”

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