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    Saturday, December 30, 2017

    2017 Recap: Allstar Lee’s “Fresh Prince of Brick Mile” was one of the year’s best releases #Detroit

    Chances are that if you are very active on Twitter, you came across “Fresh Prince of Brick Mile” in early August 2017. Allstar Lee did the impossible; he took the classic theme song from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and created a clever flip of it, utilizing its trappings to create the polar inverse of the song’s subject matter. Will Smith’s theme song was about escaping the hood for better surroundings; Allstar Lee’s song revels in it, telling a story about the very same subject that Smith removes himself from. Shortly after its’ late July release on TheHipHopLab, the video went viral.

    It’s easy to see why just by listening to it once. The writing is crisp, acknowledges the lyrics and rhyme schemes of the original, and it just sounds good. Part of that can be contributed to the added percussion that comprises the background, but it’s a hell of a release. Allstar’s verses are hilarious for their honesty and pointed in their bluntness. He can do a lot with few words, something he exhibits on the track in large doses.

    Fresh Prince of Brick Mile” was one of our favorite tracks of the year. If you missed it, or just would like an excuse to check it out again, check it out below.


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