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    Saturday, December 30, 2017

    2017 Recap: Payroll Giovanni’s “How We Move It” Was The Party Song Of The Year #Detroit

    Payroll Giovanni recently signed to Def Jam Records, a move well-earned after years of putting in work with Doughboyz Cashout. Perhaps what finally pushed him over was the quality music he released this year, one song, in particular, is the exciting “How We Move It” featuring HBK, Young Roc, and B Ryan. The track reimagines the party classic “How We Do It” by Montell Jordan under the guise of modern-day trap, utilizing the song’s conventions to create something wholly spectacular. The song’s chorus and first verse, sung by vocalist B Ryan capture the spirit of the original and give way to Payroll’s standout verse. Both HBK and Roc provide great additions to the song’s already great standing.

    The video helps to translate the party feel of the track in an excellent manner. It’s one continuous party, with homage to Kid n Play and other classics contained inside. Everyone’s having a great time, and that’s all that matters. Combining this with the song helps to showcase something with uber potential. It’s probably why the video has 587,000 views on YouTube and continues to climb, only five months in.

    Check out the video for “How We Move It” below.

    Rest In Peace to Doughboy Roc.

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