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    Friday, December 29, 2017

    2017 Recap: Snap Dogg’s Five Best Tracks #Detroit

    Snap Dogg has had a phenomenal year, building off an already strong foundation to become one of Detroit’s most notable artists. His trademark energetic delivery, with a steely cool resting facial expression, has pushed him into raps stratosphere, a true rockstar in contemporary times. He’s had a number of releases over the course of 2017 that have blazed through car speakers, so it’s only right to pick our favorites from his going collection of music.

    Snap Dogg “Kooda” (6IX9INE Remix)

    6IX9INE’s follow up to his immensely popular single “GUMMO” received the Snap Dogg treatment, just as did “GUMMO” itself shortly after its release. Snap Dogg was able to capture the grandiosity of the beat in ways that 6IX9INE couldn’t, showing what true energy can do to a track when the right person hops on it. It should have been given to Snap Dogg, honestly.


    The Warriors comes to mind when thinking of “WYA.” The movie’s underlying theme of meaning through violence translates to this song as well, with the refrain hinting at violence if Snap catches the opposition slipping. The production is crisp and serene while the lyrics are dark and violent. The beautiful contrast creates a truly memorable, briskly-paced treat.

    “Choppa Sound”

    Snap Dogg may not have admitted to being a rockstar, but the frantic energy showcased in his visuals and music says otherwise. “Choppa Sound” showcases both in stunning beauty, with an enormous assortment of guns and villainous grins. What it lacks in depth, it makes up in bombastic arrogance.

    “Both Sides”

    This dark, piano-dominant song is a cautionary tale of playing both sides of the fence. Snap unleashes a verbal assault that showcases an ability to create flows out of thin air, his machine-gun delivery baring the intricacies in his word choice. He sounds vivacious and angry, dominant yet collective. The way he combines the best of these qualities showcases true star level talent.



    Combining his raw energy with a more melodic approach is a clear recipe for success. On “Lit,” Snap takes a stab at harmonizing on the chorus; one that works well, I might add. There’s still room for lively adlibs that showcase the young rockstar’s ability to translate his excitement in the studio, but the overall feel of the track is more relaxed than what we usually expect out of him. This leads to perhaps our favorite Snap Dogg track so far.

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