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    Friday, December 22, 2017

    Bay Area Spotlight: Larry June’s “On Me” is a calm, yet thunderous, look at the good life #Detroit

    Larry June reps the Bay Area in his music, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from his latest single “On Me.” It lacks the bounce that characterizes the sound of the area but adds something else instead – loud, thunderous bass. Talk about something sounding epic. The production alone smashes through speakers at an alarming volume, no matter how loud or low your speakers are set at. When the vocals come in, showcasing June’s charismatic delivery, you already know that you have an epic track on your hands.

    The visual backs up this epic feel by showcasing June’s life – filled with beautiful women washing nice cars and more beautiful women relaxing poolside around him. We can’t tell what we like more; the song or its accompanying visual. Regardless, June has a serious hit on his hands.

    Don’t believe us? Check out the video for “On Me” below.


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