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    Saturday, December 30, 2017

    Bay Area Spotlight: “Nightsky Tales” by SIAH demands to be listened to at dusk #Detroit

    It’s not often that we cover mellower, more relaxed music that takes a load off versus the chaotic nature of music in 2017; particularly in the Bay Area where the bounce dominates in abundance. SIAH is a newcomer to our coverage, with us first being exposed to his music over on Thizzler where his project FAR is currently listed. The mellow project features the lyricist and crooner explaining his life story through a hazy aesthetic that captures his brilliance and room for growth as a musician. On “Nightsky Tales,” he showcases his ability to create quality music to full effect.

    Imagine parking outside of the Grand Canyon as the sun goes down, drinking a Slurpee in the midst of summer while your significant other’s head rests on your shoulders. That’s the mental image conjured when listening to this phantasmagoric record, where the tale-end of a busy day is comprised of a drink before bed. SIAH shows his life’s outlook amongst with some rhymes about attracting various types of women. The smooth record is as dreamy as it is corporeal, a truly great piece of art for the end of the year.

    Check out “Nightsky Tales” below.


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