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    Thursday, December 7, 2017

    Bay Area Spotlight: Pimp Tobi’s “40 Bars” all but ensures his impending stardom #Detroit

    When we first heard Pimp Tobi’s “First Day Out,” we were shocked at how good it was. As polished and fluid as it sounded, it seemed as if he was already signed; it usually takes people many years to hone a sound like that. The beat was phenomenal, but Tobi’s mellow flow and punchy delivery were in stark contrast to each other; the product of studying the game and finding new ways to create sounds. We eagerly anticipated his next release.

    And it’s finally here. Pimp Tobi released “40 Bars” in November to acclaim from blogs, but it came upon our laps pretty late. Since we discovered it two weeks ago, it has become a regular in our rotation because of how standoffish it sounds; the production invites the listener in while Tobi’s blunt delivery corrals the emotions. With releases like these, it’s no wonder that people are saying he’s the next up from the Berkley area.

    Check out the visual for “40 Bars” below.


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