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    Saturday, December 30, 2017

    Check out the Allstar JR’s somber visual for “Tonight” #Detroit

    Allstar JR has released the visual for the “Tonight,” a somber track that details what happens if the police would come and take him. JR explains what exactly he would be missing from the streets, also what he would do if he were to actually be put in a situation where he would be going back to jail. It’s a touching, yet cautionary tale of what comes with street life; whether you choose to participate in it or not is ultimately up to your own discretion.

    The visual is a simplistic one, following JR as he relaxes with friends and tells them about what he would do in the event of being caught by 5-0. It works in the context of the song’s content, serving as a visual depiction of friends gossiping. Interspersed with this footage is shots of JR talking to a woman about his problems and him thinking about these issues while riding in a car. Each part is simple but comes together to create a touching video.

    Check out “Tonight” below.


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