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    Friday, December 29, 2017

    Find & Post Dance Opportunies

    Find & Post Dance Opportunies

    Find Your Next Dancer or Dance Opportunity with ENDS Music App

    Dance Opportunity

    Want to find more dancing gigs to earn more income, gain exposure, or build your clout? Maybe, you need a dancer for a video shoot or an event. Look no further ENDS music has a platform that help you find what you looking for. ENDS Music Classifieds is where you can either post new opportunities for dancers or find opportunities for dancers near you.

    Why create a ENDS Music Dancer Ad?

    When you create a music classified ad with ENDS Music, you also receive:

    • Email Blast to targets (Musician, Dancer, and event promoter)
    • Social Media Promotion
    • Article Mentioning your opportunity
    • Showcased Ad in classifieds

    So what you waiting for, find more dance opportunities in your area or be the first to post one here!

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