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    Friday, December 1, 2017

    Picking Our Favorite Molly Brazy Tracks Before Her New Album “Big Brazy” Releases #Detroit

    Molly Brazy’s new album, Big Brazy, will be here in a week. To say that we’re ready for new Molly is an understatement; she’s one of the hottest artists in Detroit and one of the female rappers to beat in the music industry, period. She previously released her project Molly World this year that was almost overcrowded with fire flows. It looks like she’s in the zone, ready to release some more fire. To prepare for her new album, we decided to count down our favorite releases from the baby-faced rapstress.

    5. Trust No One

    As bouncy as the beat is, it’s nearly impossible to avoid vibing to it. Molly’s vocals over the dynamic production are pointed, direct, and relatable. “Never trust a snake/Never trust a snake/they gonna try to ride your wave/and eat it off your plate,” she says knowingly, like an OG scolding a young child. We know Molly, we know. But when she says it, you can’t help but appreciate the vivaciousness in her delivery. This is her most recent release on Soundcloud so it will be a delight if she returns to this style of production and rap cadence for Big Brazy. 

    4. Rambo ft. Zay (Prod. by Helluva)


    “By this time next month, I should have a Lambo,” Molly proclaims on this track, asserting her confidence in her rhymes. And it’s for good measure – her bars on this one are magnificent, as are the contributions from featured artist Zay. Famed producer Helluva provides an airy backdrop for the two artist to drop off some good verses full of declarations of dominence and hints at future greatness.

    3. Gimmie (Prod. by Reuel Ethan)

    There’s something about fast flows that give listeners chills, especially coming from a talented female artist. Molly Brazy eschews her casual rap style for a quicker, beat-riding, concise flow that makes the track one to remember. “Exaggerated/they so animated/these bitches told me I’d never make it” she says so rapidly, almost as if she isn’t breathing. One word to describe this track: exhilarating.

    2. Pop Shit

    Talking junk on the internet to someone you’ve never met is something that a lot of people do to celebrities. Perhaps it’s the anonymity that plays into their decision. Regardless, many people believe that it stops at the computer screen. Molly Brazy doesn’t play that. She’ll pull up right to where you live and squash any beef. You’ll have to listen to her dizzying flow on the track to hear what the consequences of internet talking are. Spoiler alert: it won’t be pretty.

    1. Molly’s Story


    We’re suckers for introspective tracks that take a peek at what it’s like to be an artist. Often times, we only see what they let us see of their character. We don’t know what goes on behind the photos of Instagram, tweets on Twitter, or carefully formatted press releases. Molly Brazy’s track offers an interesting, if somewhat sullen, peek into what her life is like now that she’s a burgeoning rap star. It’s an engrossing listen that deserves to be played through multiple times.


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