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    Friday, December 8, 2017

    Snap Dogg’s “Gummo (Remix)” captures the energy of the original, then exceeds it #Detroit

    Asian Doll’s rendition of “Gummo” was an exercise of gaudy raps and excess personality. It was lean, clean, and serves as a reminder that she’s one of the premier female lyricists in rap right now. Snap Dogg attacked 6ix9ine’s “Gummo” beat as well, but the results are a little harder to categorize. It’s harsh, loud, and sincere. The first two descriptors could have been applied to 6ix9ine’s version, but instead of “sincere’ as the last one, it came off as an act. Just by watching the video, you get an air of theatrical flair in the performance.

    That’s where Snap Dogg’s version comes in, rips up the old standard, and sets a new one with resounding authority. Snap Dogg’s “Gummo” is on the shorter side – a little over two minutes – but it’s a delicious bite-size helping of Detroit’s staunch bravado, bereft with enough guns and glamour to serve as an advertisement for Ammunation from the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Snap sounds at home over the lively production,  practically yelling into the microphone. Any other time, this would be a problem. But here, the energy reflects the song’s pulsating heart.

    Check out the video for Snap Dogg’s “Gummo (Remix) below.


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