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    Friday, December 29, 2017

    Spotlight: Asian Doll’s “BLESS” is a holiday delight #Detroit

    Christmas of 2017 will always be remembered for being the day that Lil Wayne released Dedication 6, the latest chapter in the ever-growing mixtape series. But if you look closer into the Hip Hop atmosphere, something else came out; something more contemporary and more-likely to resonate with people looking for exciting new music. That release is “BLESS,” a single entrenched in the holiday spirit that channels all the signs of a good time in the studio.

    Produced by BankrollGotIt, the “Deck The Halls” sample contains the joyous spirit of the holiday combined with elements of trap that make it a jolly listen. Asian Doll’s nonsensical flow is the icing on the cake, creating a more than appetizing listen that transcends a Christmas-only treat – it’s suitable for any time of the year.

    Check out “BLESS” below.


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