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    Friday, December 1, 2017

    Spotlight: “Choppa Sound” by Snap Dogg proves he’s a rockstar over trap beats #Detroit

    When the term “guilty pleasure” comes to mind, cheesecake and ice cream are two common items associated with it. These things are items that we aren’t supposed to consume great amounts of, but they’re so good that we can’t help it. Snap Dogg’s “Choppa Sound” is one of our guilty pleasures – as wild as it sounds, it’s something we can’t turn off. It’s a lot of things; nihilistic, angry, and threatening, but it’s also very good. In music, that’s what matters right?

    The production on the track moves along at a breakneck pace, causing it to sound somewhat disorientating outside of car speakers. This messiness seems intentional; the song itself is about loving gun sounds that are messy. Under this guise, the song is brilliant. It captures the unpredictability and lack of uniformity that comes with gunfights and weapons in general. Snap Dogg’s rhymes add the icing on the cake; he goes in hard. There’s no wonder why he is rising at the rapid rate that he is.

    The visual for the track features more guns than Ammunation from Grand Theft Auto. And that’s the point; the video – and song itself for that matter – isn’t the most thoughtful song on the planet. It’s music made by someone from the streets, for the streets. It happens to be a very well put together track that checks all the boxes of becoming a mainstream hit in the near future.

    Check out the video for “Choppa Sound” below.


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