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    Tuesday, January 30, 2018

    Bay Area Spotlight: @ColdShayneJo ‘s “Where They Don’t Go” Visual Showcases Lush Scenery #Detroit

    Rule of thumb: no matter the genre, scenery in videos is always a plus. Shayne Jo knows that the average person doesn’t travel that much. To showcase the world, and brag about the traveling and women he comes into contact with, Jo has released the visual “Where They Don’t Go” that might as well be a v-log of his recent travel trips. From the brilliant orange hues of desert sand to skylines of fascinating unknown cities, the video does a great job of making you jealous of his lively lifestyle.

    That’s not to take anything away from the song itself; it’s bouncy and catchy enough to elevate the visual to an even higher level. Jo knows how to straddle the line of melodic raps and straightforward spitting so eloquently that when he switches between the two it sounds near effortless.

    Great song, great video.

    Check out “Where They Don’t Go” below.


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