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    Saturday, January 27, 2018

    Bay Area Spotlight: Dub P and $tupid Young ‘ s “Make It Out” Is The Most Relatable Song of 2018 Thus Far #Detroit

    We all want to make it out of where we come from. Call it the American Dream; wishes of success always involve a change of scenery. Often times, it’s due to familiarity, or, the place that we come from being somewhere that success usually isn’t common. In Dub P and $tupid Young’s “Make It Out,” they touch on this concept in a slow, emotional cut that uses autotune to evoke some heart into it. With an accompanying visual that showcases guns, impoverished living, and a general lifestyle not suited for those with wishes of success, the two artists state their cases very clear; they want success and a better life. For that to happen, they have to relocate. And that’s something we all can understand; it makes it even easier because the song itself is very good as well.

    Check out the video for “Make It Out” below.

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