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    Saturday, January 6, 2018

    Bay Area Spotlight: “Paperless” by D-rek ft. June is a slow-churning banger #Detroit

    There’s not much to say about “Paperless” by D-Rek ft. June besides the fact that it’s a banger. “I love the smell of gunsmoke, a nigga made for this” D-Rek says with such utter conviction that it sends chills down your spine. There are more quotables per verse here than letters of the alphabet. June does his thing on the chorus, singing but not exactly harmonizing like you would expect. It’s hard to explain, but it lends to the originality of the song. The production is slow by Bay Area standards but moderately paced by traditional measures. All these elements come together to create a song with so much replayability that it will probably remain on our watch list for the next couple of months.

    Check out “Paperless” below.


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