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    Friday, January 5, 2018

    Big Bossin Vol. 1.5 Will Hold Us Over Until Big Bossin Vol. 2 #Detroit

    With Big Bossin Vol. 2 set to release at the end of January, it’s perhaps the perfect time to get reacquainted with Payroll Giovanni and Cardo’s Big Bossin Vol. 1.5. This updated take on their now street classic is a perfect way to spend January, vibing out to the smooth amalgamation of Cardo’s ethereal sound and Payroll’s gritty real-world delivery. Opposites attract, creating the perfect experience for listeners everywhere.

    Made officially available on Dec 22. of last year, Def Jam Records tweeted about its release recently to remind fans.

    Fans quickly chimed in at their anticipation of the new project.

    This project only serves as an appetizer for Big Bossin Vol 2. Look at fans reaction to the new album’s announcement.

    For now, let’s hold ourselves over with Big Bossin Vol. 1.5. Check it out below.

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