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    Saturday, January 13, 2018

    Elle Teresa and Bali Baby’s “ZOMBITCH” is one of the weirdest videos we’ve seen in a minute #Detroit

    An aesthetic is the most important thing you can have in rap music besides skill. Let’s be honest, in some cases, aesthetic is all that matters. Being a creative that can attract the minds of the masses by being mysterious always trumps someone who raps as good as the genre’s legends, but has no style whatsoever to pique listeners’ interests. Finding a delicate balance is important when considering a career as an entertainer, period.

    Bali Baby straddles this line near perfectly. It’s hard actually to describe her style; she’s the villain under the monster’s mask in Scooby Doo. Her music takes advantage of her ethereal style and comes across as an organic extension of her as an artist, so it often works. Her latest collaboration with Elle Teresa called “ZOMBITCH” takes her aesthetic and turns it up by 100.

    The song is just damn creepy, in all honesty. Perhaps the accompanying visual, with its bright colors, carnivalesque aesthetic, and airy vocals, makes it scarier than any of the Paranormal Activity films. Both Teresa and Bali do their thing, and it makes for an interesting listen. The video showcases the proper way to utilize aesthetic as well.

    Check out “ZOMBITCH” below.


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